Q: Do you have color samples available to help me decide what color I want to order?

A: Yes, we offer 6x9 color samples in all of our standard colors should that make visualizing the color and product easier.

Q: How much touch-up paint is needed for a job? 

A: Touch-up paint is commonly used for sealing cut edges on the trim and/or siding, and also for painting any exposed face nails, as well as for touching up any nick or scuff should one happen during the installation procedure. The average job usually takes two touch-up bottles of each color.

Q: What is the best way to clean my siding? 

A: The main thing you need to be concerned about is that the siding is free from any dirt or debris, low pressure water and a mild detergent.  

Q: What is the custom color process? 

A: The steps are as follows:
  • Obtain a sample of the color you’d like matched. 
  • Complete the custom color form​ and send it to the address on the form.  
  • Our lab will match your sample with our Diamond Kote®​ paint formula, physically paint a sample of the substrate of your choice (check the appropriate box on the form).
  • We will return it back to you. 
  • If the sample is to your liking take the sample and form to your local lumber retailer to place the order for your materials.

Q: What are the accent Diamond Kote colors?

A: The Premium Accent colors are a solid color of the same shade we use to create our Premium DuoBlend Colors, basically the same color without the variegated or two-tone look. 

Q: How many warranty claims have you had? If so, what type of claims were they (fading, blister, chalking, eroding, yellowing )? 

A: Since 2004 we have logged two warranty claims on our Diamond Kote Pre-finish; both cases were due to a contaminated substrate and the paint did not adhere to some of the boards themselves. The issue was quite isolated. Wausau Supply resolved and covered these cases 100% and there were no additional costs to anyone. As of today, we have not had any claims for paint that has faded, blistered, chalked, eroded, or yellowed. Due to our past history and extreme confidence in this coating we revised the Diamond Kote Warranty in 2007. Up until January 2007 the warranty was a 25-year with 2-year labor coverage; today your siding comes with a 30-Year No Fade Warranty and a 7-year labor coverage which starts at the date of application. 

Q: Does your siding and shakes stand up against woodpeckers.  

A: This is what we know about woodpeckers.

1) Woodpeckers are territorial birds and will peck on most any item to make noise and let the other critters and birds know that “this is my area”. I’ve heard of and seen woodpeckers peck on metal gutters, TV antenna, windows, vinyl siding, and of course wood.

2) Woodpeckers are usually pecking looking for bugs to eat. The Zinc Borate used in the manufacturing of LP®SmartSide® is an insect inhibiter along with a rot and fungal decay preservative. i.e.: no bugs, should be no woodpeckers.

3) Cedar lap siding is softer and T-111 panel siding has voids inside it where the laminations come together (this is why on panel siding peck marks are near perfectly straight lines) causing “hollow” spots, again alerting woodpeckers that there may be insects inside these voids and soft woods. LP®SmartSide® is a very high density product without internal voids. Woodpeckers finding a dense material, think hard wood, no bugs, no need to continue looking for food.

From our experience we have been aware of many, many jobs of LP®SmartSide® being installed to replace cedar lap or T-111 panel siding where wood peckers have created extensive damage. Although we can not personally vouch for all of them never having an issue again, we can tell you that we have not received calls from installers or homeowners’ with woodpecker problems after having new siding installed. However, the written warranty does not cover woodpecker issues.