Look at your home and feel the natural colors pull you in. You can hear the peaceful surroundings of the earth. Relax, unwind and enjoy your home for years to come with our unique Diamond Kote®​, Nature Inspired Collection of pre-finishes. 

Diamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch Clay

Diamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch Platinum

Diamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch Pewter Green
Pewter Green

​​​Diamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch Seal

Diamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch Olive

Diamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch French Gray
French Gray

iamond Kote Nature Inspired Swatch Mountain Lake ​​
Mountain Lake

**Due to variances in display monitors color and texture may vary. For color/texture accuracy we suggest you request free samples through our Contact Us form.

  Pewter Green, Terra Bronze and White

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​​House with Nature Inspired Mountain Lake and Terra Bronze Diamond Kote Prefinishing
Mountain Lake, Terra Bronze and White

​​House with Nature Inspired French Gray and White Diamond Kote Prefinishing
 French Gray and White


​​​​​“After installing several Diam​ond Kote jobs, I put it on my ow​n h​om​e!”

~Larry D​​, ​Illinois